Inventory updated on 11/13/2021

Supporting the local launches only. There is no mail order.

I have acquired the-motorman.com domain. It should point to the original the-motorman.net domain.

Some CTI Pro29 3G G33 Mellow reloads have had issues. The starter pellet for the G33 should be modified. The procedure is similar to the 38mm 1G instructions which were posted earlier.

Instruction For Pro29 3G Mellow Pellet Modfications v1.0-1.pdf

CTI has issued instructions for modifying the starter pellets on 38mm 1grain motors. Some 38mm 2grain motors need to be modified also. The bulletin says which 2grain reloads need the modification. 

Instruction For Pro38 Pellet Modfications v1.2.pdf


Aerotech order arrived 08/26/2021

Aerotech order arrived 08/12/2021

Aerotech order arrived 07/23/2021

Aerotech order arrived 06/15/2021

Aerotech order arrived 05/20/2021

Aerotech order arrived 05/10/2021

CTI   order arrived 04/30/2021

Aerotech order arrived 04/26/2021

Aerotech order arrived 03/23/2021

Aerotech order arrived 02/12/2021

CTI   order arrived 02/02/2021

Aerotech  order arrived  12/10/2020

Aerotech  order arrived  11/02/2020

Aerotech order arrived 10/06/2020

CTI order arrived  07/20/2020    

Aerotech order arrived   06/29/2020

Some more Aerotech motors arrived  05/12/2020

Aerotech order arrived  05/05/2020

Small Aerotech order arrived   03/03/2020

Aerotech order arrived   02/04/2020

CTI order arrived  02/03/2020