Gorilla  Motors

Inventory updated on 11/10/2018

Supporting the local launches only. There is no mail order.

I have a pending order with CTI. Hope to have it in, in time for the Dec. Launches.

Another small Aerotech order arrived  10/03/2018

Aerotech delivered a few motors to Airfest. Aded those to the inventory 9/08/2018

Another small Aerotech order arrived  7/18/2018

Some Gorilla parts arrived   7/17/2018

CTI 38mm spacers, delay adjustment tool, and a couple 29mm starter sets have arrived.  7/01/18

Small Aerotech order arrived 6/07/18

CTI order has arrived  05/09/18

CTI order has shipped and will be arriving soon

Aerotech order has arrived 3/27/18